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Repair Services

Surgical Instruments Repaired and Restored to Original Quality

Sklar Repair Services: 800-221-2166 x275
Repair Status/Inquiries: Repairs@sklarcorp.com

In today's cost-conscious environment, the medical community is looking for ways to prolong instrument life and minimize the impact of new instrument purchases. Our highly trained and experienced craftsmen have been performing surgical instrument repairs for decades, elevating their skill and attention to detail to a fine art.

All component parts are cleaned, repaired, or replaced. The instrument is then precision aligned and adjusted to exacting specifications using the latest technologies. In addition, the tool is lubricated and polished to its original condition.

Sklar craftsmen are capable of repairing any brand of instrument and Sklar backs the quality of the work with a solid warranty. However, Sklar instruments are only authorized for repair by Sklar's own repair service personnel.

How To Send An Instrument To Sklar For Repair:

  1. There is no authorization number required. Simply send the item(s) to:
    Sklar Instruments
    Attn: Repair Department
    889 S. Matlack Street
    West Chester, PA 19382
  2. Clean and sterilize instruments before returning.
  3. Carefully pack instruments to prevent damage during shipping.
  4. Include a description of the problem, along with a copy of your Purchase Order.
  5. If a repair estimate is required, please notify us in writing. Be sure to include your name and contact information (phone, e-mail, etc.). Repair services will not be conducted until approval is received.
  6. Please provide an address for return shipment (no P.O. boxes). Shipping insurance in excess of $100 must be requested in writing.
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