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Sklar Instruments & Medical Supplies Catalogs

Sklar offers a wide variety of general and specialty print catalogs. These catalogs are available at no charge to all qualified medical professionals.

To Request A Catalog

To request a catalog please contact your Sklar inside sales/service representative today. If making your request via e-mail, please be sure to give your company name, full shipping address and specify which catalog(s) you would like.

New! Catalogs

Hospital Catalog
Sklar General Surgery Catalog
New Updates!
Podiatry Catalog
Sklar Podiatry Instruments Catalog
New Updates!
Ophthalmic Catalog
Sklar Ophthalmic Instruments Catalog
New Updates!
Orthopedic Catalog
Sklar Orthopedic Instruments Catalog
New Updates!

Other Catalogs

Care & Cleaning
Sklar Care & Cleaning Catalog
46 Pages
Sklar Physician Catalog
538 Pages
Sklar OB/GYN Catalog
306 Pages
Sklar Dental Catalog
268 Pages
Animal Health
Sklar Animal Health Catalog
492 Pages
Surgery Center
Sklar Surgery Center Catalog
318 Pages
Sklar Scientific
Sklar Scientific Catalog
264 Pages
Sklar Laparoscopic Systems Catalog
44 Pages
Sklar Sterile
Sklar Sterile Products Catalog
34 Pages
Sklar Surgi-OR Catalog
12 Pages
Merit Catalog
Coming Soon
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