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Instrument Care and Cleaning

Surgical instruments can be one of your most important investments. Therefore, a good care and cleaning regimen is essential to keep all of your surgical instruments looking like new and functioning properly.

Instrument Care 1-2-3

Sklar recommends a three-step process of decontamination, cleaning and lubrication followed of course by autoclave sterilization.

Care and Cleaning Guidelines

Efficacy Reports

Instrument Troubleshooting

No steel is truly "stainless". It's a fact that so-called stainless steel is subject to both water-spotting and staining. However what many people identify as a "rust" problem usually turns out to be something else.

We have created a downloadable troubleshooting guide to identify the most common instrument problems and to recommend solutions.

Care and Cleaning Catalog

Sklar has developed a complete line of products to clean, disinfect and maintain your instruments for a lifetime of use. Our 24-page care and cleaning catalog is now available as a convenient download.

Should you have any questions about any of our recommendations or any of Sklar's instrument care products, please contact your Sklar customer service representative for more information.

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