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Sklar OR Quality Instruments

Our best Operating Room quality instruments incorporating the highest grades of surgical steel, finely detailed craftsmanship and exacting standards of manufacturing. These instruments are manufactured in the USA and Germany.


Surgi-OR™ Mid-Grade Quality Instruments

These mid-grade instruments are forged from surgical grade stainless steel and crafted to offer significant value at reduced costs for the Operating Room as well as other important surgical settings. All of our Surgi-OR™ instruments are hand-crafted in Pakistan.


Merit™ Office Instrumentation

A cost-effective line of instruments ideally suited for routine, minor surgical use in the office setting. Manufactured in FDA registered facilities in Pakistan by skilled instrument craftsmen. All Merit™ instruments come with a 10 year guarantee.


Econo™ Floor Grade Instruments

These economically manufactured floor grade instruments offer
the greatest utility and the lowest cost.

Econo Sterile

Econo™ Sterile Instruments

The added convenience and cost-savings of these ready-to-use sterile instruments make Econo™ Sterile an exceptional value.

Sklarlite   Sklarlite XD

Sklarlite™ and Sklarlite™ Extra Delicate

This exclusive line of lighter instrument patterns offers the surgeon greater control with less fatigue during operations.

Sklar has developed a manufacturing process that carefully shaves microns off the standard and delicate patterns without sacrificing strength and flexibility. The result is Sklarlite™ and Sklarlite™ XD. These designs are noticeably lighter, extremely sensitive and offer the surgeon maximum control and precision.

Of course, these instruments are also covered under the same warranty that guarantees all Sklar instruments for a lifetime of dependable service.

Sklar Blue Electrosurgery

Sklar Blue™ Electrosurgical Instrumentation

Sklar's line of electrosurgical instruments features our exclusive
Sklar Blue™ coating. Manufactured of the highest quality stainless steel, these instruments are fully autoclavable, and can even be cleaned ultrasonically.

These instruments are designed to provide an effective patient-safe surface that prevents transmission of RF current through the instrument. All Sklar Blue™ electrosurgery coatings are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects.

Sklar Black Laser

Sklar Black™ Laser Instrumentation

Testing has demonstrated that the Sklar Black™ coating over a roughened surface reduced reflected laser energy to less than
one-tenth of one percent!

Sklar uses an improved black polymer coating developed specifically for laser surgery. The coating is durable and safe, resulting in an instrument you can use with confidence and rely on for years of service. All Sklar Black™ laser coatings are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects.

Sklarhone   Micro-Cut

Sklarhone™ Micro-Cut Scissors

Sklarhone™ scissors combine the razor sharp cutting edge of a knife, with the control and precision of scissors, all in one instrument. One blade on the Sklarhone™ scissors is crafted with the cutting geometry of a knife, while the opposing blade has a standard scissors edge.

When cutting delicate tissue, Sklarhone™ blades cut cleanly without catching or leaving minute tags. When cutting thick tissue, Sklarhone™ scissors provide knife-like cuts that leave edges smooth and clean.

For easy visual distinction from normal scissors, these scissors come with black handles and shafts.


Sklarcut™ Gold-Ring Scissors

Our exclusive Sklarcut™ scissors improve the traditional scissors design with ultra-fine serrations on one blade. This special feature provides for smooth and less traumatic cutting of fine and coarse tissue. One blade of these extremely high tempered scissors is precision ground, while the other blade employs extremely fine serrations that help the scissors maintain grip and accuracy throughout the entire cut.

Sklarcut™ scissors provide users with an exceptionally sensitive "feel" and help eliminate problems associated with tissue slippage during cutting.

For easy visual distinction from normal scissors, the finger ring of the serrated blade is gold-coated.

Sklar Edge

Sklar Edge™ Tungsten Carbide Scissors

Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest alloys made. And it is tungsten carbide that gives Sklar Edge™ surgical scissors an exceptionally sharp and durable cutting edge — an edge that rarely needs sharpening.

Sklar Edge™ scissors are specially made to perform better and stay sharper for a significantly longer period of time when compared to non-TC scissors. The unique edging process permanently bonds the tungsten carbide to the scissors giving you a smooth and controlled performance, a perfectly balanced "feel" of enhanced precision and an edge guaranteed to stay sharp for five full years.

All Sklar Edge™ scissors come with gold-coated finger rings for easy identification.


Sklargrip™ Tungsten Carbide Needle Holders

The application of tungsten carbide to needle holders assures excellent holding ability for many years. But the exclusive Sklargrip™ TC coating process has two significant benefits:

  1. Sklar incorporates tungsten carbide as an integral part of the jaw. The special coating and tempering process we employ preserves both the original temper and strength of the needle holder's jaws.
  2. Sklargrip™ tungsten carbide needle holders typically cost at least 10% less than TC needle holders that use inserts.

In fact, Sklar is so certain of Sklargrip™ quality that we offer a three year guarantee.

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