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Surgical Instruments Basic Course #1

The Surgical Instruments Basic Course #1 for CE Credit, is made up of an Introductory Guide, a Power Point presentation and a 20 Question Test. You can read and review course materials at your own pace, for one hour CE Credit. This course is designed to provide a basic overview of the most widely used surgical instruments and a primer to the instrument industry. This guide gives up to date information about:

  • The history of surgical instruments
  • The instrument manufacturing process and metallurgy
  • The parts of a surgical instrument
  • Instrument categorization by function
  • Identification of the top 35 most commonly used instruments
  • Instrument sets
  • Photographs, illustrations and clear examples
  • An added bonus – Surgical Instruments Basic Course #1 - CE Presentation and Lesson Plan
  • Basic Course #1 Test

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